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10 Best Places for Desserts in India, You Must Visit

Mostly people in India are dessert lovers and are the proud owners of the sweet tooth. Especially in India people don’t search for a reason or occasion to have dessert. Below is the cherry picked list which the hardcore lovers of desserts can visit to satisfy the taste buds.

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Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfi Wale, Delhi
Looking for something freezing yet tempting, then this place is a perfect fit for you. 

Located in Old Delhi, walking distance from Chawri Bazaar, this hidden gem hosts a lot of flavored Kulfies for you. 

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale serves the best kulfis you’d ever have. You can find varieties of kulfies here, in different flavors like - Mango, Tamarind, Pomegranate, Paan and Falsa. Actually they serve, kulfies over 50 different exotic flavors and that's their specialty. If you are visiting, don't forget to try stuffed kulfis. Trust me, they are so fingerlicious.

The Society Cafe, Delhi
This newly opened nice cafe is located in South Extension 2, New Delhi, bang on Ring Road and since the day I visited here for the first time, I have been in love with this place. Awesome ambiance, soothing music and aroma of delicious food, just push your appetite sky high. Though they have really amazing mouthlicious food, but in desserts, your will love their Brownies with ice cream.
So tempting that, you just cannot stop without asking one more.
Delicately baked brownies, gently topped with vanilla and chocolate ice creams, melting slowly.... yummm yumm... its a must eat, if you are visiting Delhi.

Kayani Bakery, Pune
Kayani Bakery of Pune has been serving since British’s era and probably that's the reason behind its colonial charm too. I came to know about it during my visit to a friend in Pune. When she told me about it, I thought to give it a try and I am glad that I did. There Shrewsbury Biscuits are rally so delicious and just melt away in your mouth the moment you take a bite, leaving a buttery signature. You sometimes may need to wait for your turn as this place is always flooded with buyers. Oh ! Yes, must try their Mawa Cake and Sponge Cake too.

Nahoum and Sons, Kolkata
Knowing my love for desserts, my friend in Kolkata, recommended me to visit this place during my brief trip to Kolkata, and turns out, he was right. This bakery is very famous for its amazing and piquant taste of desserts. I tried, lemon puff, custard rolls and strawberry cubes along with varieties of chocolate pastries.  Visiting Kolkata !! must check it out.

Ritz Restaurant,Lucknow
My love for Motichoor Laddoo, pulled me to this famous restaurant in Lucknow. Ritz Restaurant, well famous for its Motichoor Laddoos made of desi ghee. These delicious laddoos are so moist and  tempting that you don’t have to chew them as they will just melt by their own. Other than that, I am a die hard fan of Kaju Katlis and at this place, they taste utterly dreamy.

Leopold Cafe, Mumbai
For a dessert love like me, The Leopold Cafe in Mumbai was like holy triad The most heavenly Raspberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake and Chocolate pastries will put you in dessert-land the moment you take a bite. If you are in Mumbai, and are a dessert lover like me, then you must visit this place. .

I have my childhood memories from this city, and theVaranasi’s Chowk has got a spacial place in my heart for its frothy, light and creamy Malaiyo.
Malaiyo is kind of milk foam prepared under morning’s fresh dew, very delicate and is flavored with saffron and dry fruits. Yes, to enjoy it, you need to be in Varansi in winters. .

Paradise Restaurant in Hyderabad
If you love Apricots, then Paradise Restaurant of Hyderabad is a must visit place for you. They serve the best compote of apricots, popularly known as Qubani kaa Meetha.
Take half bowl of Qubani kaa Meetha and top it with scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy this nawabi dessert with dry fruits, saffron, cardamom and other exotic flavors and spices.

Mehru Halwai, Shimla
Walking in the Lower Bazaar, Mall Road, Shimla, my host told me to try the Gulab Jamuuns of Mehru Halwai. It was an awesome rainy day and my sweet tooth just pushed me in the direction. Though I was intended to order only Gulab Jamuns, but ended up ordering Gulab Jamun, Chaina Murgi (  Sweet Coated Paneer Pellets ) and Jalebi along with a cup to hot creamy milk with saffron. Their specialty lies in mouthwatering mawa barfi served with an invaluable addition of almonds and coconut powder. Delicious and fresh preparations in desi ghee enticed my taste buds and made that evening memorable. If you are visiting Shimla, and especially in rainy day, must visit this place.

Honey Hut, Rishikesh
Honey Hut, an elegantly decorated cafe, with wonderful ambiance just near Lakshman Jhula, is a must visit if you love reading, good view, delicious dessert and are in Rishikesh.
As the name says itself, they have honey as their signature. You will find honey in every dish instead of sugar, and that makes the coffee, pastries and other desserts experience way better.
I ordered choco swiss roll, ( super soft pastry with loads of chocolate on top ), it was so fingerlicious that I ordered one more and trust me this dessert is all worth giving it a try with one more and may be one more, if you have appetite.

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