Friday, August 12, 2016

Safar - The Journey To Shimla - Jakhu Temple of Lord Hanuman

“One place where you can enjoy holiness and divine blessings, peacefully surrounded by beautiful nature...., ”I will say this, if I had to explain the beauty of Jakhu ( Jakhoo) temple of lord Hanuman in Shimla. 

Nestled on the top most hill of Shimla, Jakhu temple of Lord Hanuman, is a beautiful temple situated in the lap of cedar trees. With beautiful desgin & architecture the temple attracts you like a magnet.

The Story of Jakhu Temple : 
It is said that, the hill is here even before the time of Lord Rama. 
On the way to bring Sanjivani Buti, Lord Hanuman had steped here to take momentary rest and bless Saint YAKSH ( यक्ष ). In the name of Saint YAKHS, the hill was named यक्ष , then which with passes of time, turned to Jakhoo. 

यक्ष  - यख - जख - जाखू  
( In some places of India, य is read as ज , thats how it transformed from यख to जख ) 

It is also said that, when lord Hanuman landed on the top, the impact was so strong that, half of the hill went into the Earth.  All the story in detail has been inscribed there on marble stone. 

With 108 feet tall statue of Lord Hanuman built with every details will leave you in awe. It is visible from almost everywhere in Shimla. The temple has aproxx 75 stairs, with Hanuman Chalisa written on it. 

How to reach : 

Situated on the highest peak of Jakhoo Hill, it is connected to The Ridge, via beautiful steep path and can be reached by walking or by car. If you are new to driving, you need to be extremely careful at sharp curves and narrow roads. You can also hire a cab costing somewhere between Rs.250 to Rs.300. Once up there,you will be welcomed by scores of monkeys.... alot of monkeys.

Beware of Monkeys : 
The moment you will step out of car, you will feel as if you have entered into The Monkey Kingdom. Monkeys and monkeys and monkeys everywhere, so naughty that can snatch anything from you including your wallet, purse, goggles and even specs. 

If you are not careful with monkeys, the experience can be a little bitter. 
TIP : Do carry some eatables ( hidden ) for scenarios if monkeys snatch something. Offer it as exchange, not always but works most of the time. 

However, Jakhu temple gives a beautiful view of the valley. This well maintained, clean, colorful, full of beautiful flowers, amazing and ancient temple is a must visit if you are visiting Shimla. 

- Alok Kumar Upadhayay
- Safar - The Journey
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