Friday, July 1, 2016

Be Satisfied and Thankful for Small Things : The Mantra for Happy Life

8:30 AM, like every other day, I boarded Delhi Metro for my office. Took out my audio book reader and realized that I have missed my headphones at home. Well, there was nothing that could be done now. I had alternate pair of earphones but they were in office. I put my gadgets back in bag. Surrounded by all strangers, I was feeling it for the first time today, I was thinking what else could be done to utilize these 25 minutes. 
Loud conversation of two people sitting nearby grabbed my attention. I started listening to them, within 30-40 seconds, I lost my interest in their random and little illogical talk. I turned my head around looking here and there towards different people started observing them. I started listening to them and studying their faces and body language. 
A couple sitting nearby was almost lost in their own world worried about how they are going to spend the day. A girl standing nearby was totally busy in explaining how she makes fool of her boss to her friend over phone, and how unsatisfied she is with the job she has. 3 ladies in late 30s, sitting in front of me were busy talking about some one's married life and how they were not blessed with kids yet. They were having mixed expressions of happiness and anger. Didn't understand why. Some other people standing or sitting were lost in their mobile phones, either playing games or listening to music. 
So, many people, all talking, all blessed in one way or another yet something was missing. It was happiness. All were suffering with a trauma called "WORRY". No one was really happy. I asked myself, are these issues worth so much pain ? Does these issues really deserve the cost of our happiness ? 
All of us, we keep on running all our lives in the pursuit of happiness, that is always in front of us in form of little things that make us happy; the ignored little blessings of our life. Our problems seem like the end of the world to us. We have redefined the meaning of happiness as the possession of materialistic things.
All of us have a story to tell, all of us have some problem/s. But, there is so much to feel happy about, to smile, to be proud of. Aren't we lucky enough to have this life. Aren't we blessed enough that we don't have to fight for survival. Cann't we count having a roof over our heads, two square meals, water to drink and family to our blessings. Because, out there, many are not lucky enough to have even parents.
Will not it be more exciting, if we change our perspective towards life ? I think, it will be. 
Live each moment, live the moment now and smile through your worries. Remember, the only thing between you and happiness is your attitude. Be thankful for this life. Find happiness in the smallest of things and this will complete your pursuit of happiness.
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