Monday, June 20, 2016

Not Happy With Screenplay of Your Life ? Why Don't Rewrite it...

There has been a saying 'when things end in unexpected way, we get ourselves so lost in looking back in time and so wistfully that, we just fail to see the new doors open and waiting to embrace us.' We almost every time forget that, the end is the new beginning. Some us may still manage to remember but never do what it takes to take the next step ahead. The reason - We preserve ourselves inside the cocoon of comfort of familiarity, so scared of change... the new beginnings... the next effort. Doesn't matter weather it was  disrespectful, hurtful and a life of compromise back there, we always just wrap that blanket around us. 

Well sometimes, things just happen; so what if it was not according to the plan, so what if the results were not expected, we just have to tell ourselves that, plans change. Unexpected is "UNEXPECTED" because it has to be like it and it has its beauty in it. We just need to understand that there is absolutely no point grudging someone for not following your screenplay. Feeling that there has been some distress or lack of depth in the episode you are playing... feeling that there must be some more trust and respect than that has been served so far... Hay !! lets rewrite the script. Rewrite that screenplay on your own by casting shadows of old characters and you can see ow the story line is going. Yet not happy, yet feeling that the storyline is not on track or the characters are not playing along, then why not trying changing the star cast of the play. 

Do whatever you want to but just remember, do it completely and one at a time. It doesn't make a sound decision to write a new storyline every time and resenting it, neither does, attempting to redirect an old unsuccessful one. So, hay !! look ahead, lets go. Lets clear the storyboard and get it sorted in the way you want. Choose the role you want to play and you can play best than anybody else out there. Start writing with you and slowly and automatically the supporting star cast will start appearing on the screen . 
Always remember, its your story, your screenplay, you are the lead role here and you the writer too. From the casting to editing you can do everything for this script and if you don't like your role even after all of this, there will be no one one to blame because it was you who chose this role and its purpose. But again, you can start re-writing again. That's the opportunity you will always have. 
- Alok Kumar Upadhayay

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