Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mind Your Language or Please Mind Your Own Business... What Should We Say

Has it become a trend now, to speak anything and then apologize for it ?
If after reading the first statement you think that I am referring to Salman Khan's statement - “When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be like a raped woman walking out.” Then please allow me to be more clear.
It's not about any individual or particular event. Its about every one who has got benefit of being in media. No, matter who they are , politicians, celebrities or other public figures; seems like they have been using it or better say exploiting it with a purpose. Using it more for getting free publicity then saying that, "I am sorry, I didn't intend to...."
Lately, hasn't it became more like habit than mistake. First they make a stray remark, create controversy use all the media tools available to ensure that it reach each and every person, grab attention of mass, let the controversies and debates run for a couple of days and then call a press conference or use social media or other ways to apologize.
But, is it their fault only? Is it absolutely right to blame them and them only for this ? If your answer is YES then prey answer, who vested this power in them ? 
Who allowed them to repeat same mistake again and again intentionally in one way or another ? Who make these people expert of every problem in our country ? Why can't we let actors be actors only and politicians be politicians ? Why cannot we let the defense experts handle their task without poking politicians nose in it or let the social activist handle the social welfare activities without letting actors commenting on it ? 
Isn't it us, the members of this celebrity-obsessed culture, who are responsible for it !! Please think once again. 
I remember, around seven years back, Ms. Rita Bahuguna Joshi, a renowned politician of a renowned national political party, had been arrested for passing a remark on Ms. Mayawati. In her remark, she had criticized UP government's decision to  to give only Rs.25,000 to rape victims, she exhorted the women to throw the money at the then Chief Minister, Mayawati, and tell her, “If you get raped, I’ll give you one crore rupees.” Ms. Bahuguna subsequently apologised, and also pleaded that her meaning not be misconstrued since, as a woman, she was only speaking in support of victims. But yet, comment had been made. 
Then, as now, the outrage over the use of the word “rape”, whether to casually refer to a physical toll or to imagine the crime being visited upon somebody, was justified. 
Its not only about rape, in many cases a lot of comments and remarks are highlighted by our media, all made my renowned public figures. Sometimes it looks like, if media and a group on social media is so job less to promote this type of crap like a virus or these people are so jobless to repeat the act of passing stray remarks and controversies in the name of freedom of speech and then apologizing for it.  

Somewhere it has to stop, and it we who has to take the required step. Just, I hope it will not be too late. 

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