Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Bucket List - Tale of Buckets

My shower, Mr. Jaquar was actually talking to me at 4:10 am about the problems of things in my bathroom, so were all other things. Sitting there on floor, I was listening every word...
4:00 AM, its still 15 minutes to my 1st out of many of my morning alarms and 16 minutes to my 1st snoozz. 
But hay !! I am early today :) Miracle isn't it !! I asked myself. 
I moved out of my room, in corridor towards stairs leading towards roof to have some morning breeze, view of the dawn with colourful sky and wait there till my coffee arrives. 
Walking upstairs, suddenly my steps stopped. Someone was whispering. Wait ! Whispering ? At this point of time. But who ! all are sleeping. I can hear the AC buzzing, the snorts and the omnipresent silence. Might be a delusion , but I am sure, I can feel it in my gut. There is some thing going on, with mixed thoughts I concentrated on the chatters and followed the direction. It was coming from my bathroom. Lights were on but door was closed, but I was sure the voice was coming from bathroom only; I could hear it loud and clear. Like kids are in there cooking something fishy in there minds and discussing their master plan.   
I pushed the door and SILENCE. But... But.. I was sure... I heard it, yeah ! I am sure. I heard it. I mumbled. I knuckled myself and moved out closing the door behind and suddenly it all started. 
I pressed my ears to the door. I could here it, all.. loud and clear... 
Some male voice I heard, saying, "Its time, we should take the required steps, it was wonderful opportunity, why all of you muted ? Speak to him. He should know, he listens to all, he will listen to us too....
Bang !!! I pushed the door, but hell, it was empty, no one was there. But I heard it... someone was talking. How can it be... 
I started looking at each and every thing, things were there where they must be. I turned my back to move out. 
"Excuse me !!" I heard it, it was like 2 girls called me to stop. I turned around, but no one. 
Who are you, please reveal your self. I was being little skeptic now afraid as well, But I asked again, please reveal yourself. 
"Its us. " the voice came again and I turned in the direction. Nothing was there, except 3 buckets. One half filled with a mug in it and 2 empty. 
"Who ? I asked again. 
"Its these girls." I heard a kid's voice. "They want to talk to you." I felt like the mug was bloating with the voice and the voice was coming from it. 
"I could clearly feel my heart pumping. I mumbled, am I insane or the voice just came from the mug. 
No... no.. no.. don't panic and don't be afraid. We are your friends, part of your family. We will never hurt you, we just want to talk to you about our problems. Please relax. " the girlish voice came again from the buckets. 
Well, nothing bad has happened till now, I tried to relax and asked, WHO ?? 
"Its us, all of us in this bathroom. We have something to say to you. Please listen to us and solve our problems." The buckets spoke again. 
Till now I was clear that, I was talking to the things in bathroom and was feeling that I am in all my senses......
..... to be contd... 

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