Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Bucket List : Tale of Buckets Part 4

4:00 AM, all the things in my bathroom ware talking like human being. At first I was freaked, but then I started listening to them They ware taking to me, sharing all their problems. I heard it all vary patiently. 

It all made me to think....
Everyday all these things take care of us. We go in filthy condition inside and come out fresh and clean. They take all our bad odor, body dirt and dullness. Even they keep on communicating with us in their own way to warn us, like over heated geyser, the slippery floor, the dripping tap. Keep on warning us about the risks of problems ahead. But we never listen. 
We can never hide anything from them, yet they are our best secret partners. Even knowing all about us, they never reveal our secrets. Keeps on listening our mumbles out of frustration, anger, pain, happiness. Listens to our horrible songs, even when no one wants to listen it. Most important. treat all of us equally and understand us in their own way. 
Our bathroom knows us exactly the way we know ourselves. All that they are expecting is a little care. Can't we just do this little for this much. 


My thoughts running like a speedy car on freeway hit a breaker of this terrible sound. Where is it coming from... from our side, my room. I rushed towards my room, leaving my sleepers behind to turn it off. ....Suddenly felt a touch on my forehead...fingers crawling through my hair. 
"Hay.. wake up.... its 4:15 am. Don't you have to catch your flight. " I heard my Maa's voice. 
Suddenly I was up... all of it was a dream !!!! But it was so real like... 
Where are my slippers. I need to go to bathroom... It was here only, near bed. Where can they go. 
"Well they don't have their own feet." maa chuckled. 
I walked towards the bathroom...bare feet... 
Slippers were there, the way I had left them in my dream... and I was thinking again. 

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