Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Bucket List - Tale of Buckets - Part 2

In part 1, you read that, I entered my bathroom, hearing some whispers at 4:00 am and found that, things were taking to me. They had some problem that needed to be addressed. 

"Okay, I am all ears. Say, what you have to say." 
"Mr. Jaquar" will speak on our behalf. We have made him our leader in this case." the buckets said. 
"And who is this Mr. Jaquar ? " I asked. 
"Oh ! you forgot me. You brought me home. You were so delighted that day. Everyday you share your thoughts with me and yet you forgot me. I am hurt. Never expected that." I looked up towards the voice, it was coming from the shower. Which was proudly hanging from the wall. 
"Oh !! I am sorry, please speak. What's the problem, and who are in it ?" 

"All of us :)" felt like a lot of kids spoke all-together. " I had told you, he will listen, Thank you for listening to us.... the chattering started. 
All the things in bathroom were talking now. I was in great shock... 
WHAT THE HELL.... I thought... 
It continued for some moments and then, shower ... I mean Mr. Jaquar's loud voice echoed in the bathroom. "Stop and keep silence. We have to talk to him, not to ourselves. remember time is limited and an opportunity is a scarce resource."
And again it was all silence again for next couple of moments. It was Mr. Jaquar, who broke the silence first. 
"I am so sorry, actually we all are very sorry for freaking you out but its something important, so please listen our problems."
"Hay, please cut the formalities and start, an opportunity is a scarce resource, remember." I said, and he started. be contd.... 
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