Monday, July 27, 2015

You Are My Love - The Perfect One For Me

It was one of the finest weekends of June, when I first saw her, approx 100 yards away, she was looking for me in the crowed of Delhi Metro. We had a meeting planned, the first meeting after years of friendship. Yeah !!! Sounds kind of weird but it was. The moment I saw her, there was a rumbling in my chest and mouth was as dry as desert, simply beautiful, the 1st thought I had. From the very distance I could say - Yes, she is the one, the 100% perfect girl for me. 
What will I say, I thought... seems its natural if you are meeting someone after endless chatting on Facebook and millions of texts.... 
We met... we walked...we talked...we smiled and laughed... it has been more than a year and I am amazed how time passed with such a swiftness, holding countless beautiful moments in it. 
Hay special one... Though it had never been a question to think of a particular reason to love you but once you asked to think of it, there are plenty of them and I am still writing them down...
I want to say something to you .... here it is... 

English Translation... 

You're my wishes and Prayers you're
To me, every verse of worship you're

You're in real and in my dreams you're
My beautiful mornings and evenings you're

You are the flowery fragrance of my soul
To me the melody and glass of wine you're

Ask me, if I am unknown to you ....and 
My very existence of my name you're

Might be complex, but who wants to know, 
Stupid heart asks, to me who you'are 

Never wanted to say to you but here it is...
You are my faith and my love you're 
- Alok Kumar Upadhayay 

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