Thursday, December 11, 2014

Safar - The Never Ending Journey

There are times, when we think that we have got nothing but troubles, all we feel like is depression and negativity... a lot of negativity. Seem like there is no way ahead.. its like the end here.
What we generally do ??
Most of the time we get afraid of the situations. Rather than assessing it, we just give up or some other times we say - "I made a mistake, it cannot be undone. I have got no way out !!!"
Trust me friends its the biggest mistake, to get afraid of your mistakes. Its like being handicap.
Don't be afraid because by doing so, you are stopping yourself even when you can move freely and rule the arena. My friend, there is nothing like the perfect situation or perfect moment... things happen, they go south sometimes , but its always better to carry one rather than stopping. They are challenges, face them, move ahead and conquer.
You have the endurance to survive that storm, you can face it. All you need is to make your every effort count and working like its the last task you are doing and the last day you are living. Make it awesome and then awesomeness will follow you.
Everyone of us has that fireball deep within us that can burn that dark desperation. All we need to just give it a blow can bring it to life. Believe in yourself and say to yourself - "I have something inside me, that is far greater than any obstacle. I am incredible and I am not afraid of troubles and challenges."
To move ahead the only must required thing is positive outlook and actions. Do it, and you will be the pillar for others to lean on rather than becoming one from crowd.
Just keep moving... the journey never ends, there is nothing like final goal, becoz every end is a new beginning...Just dare to do ..
This is what I believe in... this is what I live like...

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