Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Just Don't Miss You Any More

Its still like yesterday, when we had that discussion...that long pointless discussion. You wanted to move one, though you always wanted me to stop by you... you were in your own moods and wanting me to be there just till the moment you finally make your mind.
Aahh... How can I forget that - "Yeah!! You know naa.. how selfish I am .....""  it was just marvelous one from you... the evergreen statement of yours.
Never ever you were less than everything to me... yeah... you always knew I meant it. Though we had decided not to cross our paths, still you did... After all, you were a selfish could I forget that !!!
You knew, it was not a job for me like you...Aaahh.. your that last wish - "I was expecting you to come back for me...Why didn't you come"
I still wonder, after all that trouble, pain and sufferings... all those lies and betrayal, you knew what I had for you... no doubt you were enjoying it and you enjoyed it a lot.. more than a lot. Hay there !!! I want to ask, did you really think I would have come back for more... that I would wait for some more like I did before.
On that evening, you had finally told me that loving you was a mistake.. 
Look here you are, once again since last couple of months trying to cross my path one way or another, trying to manipulate people who are near and dear... once again that chess you have set with desire to win... but like last time, it will be over again, just it wouldn't last longer cozz I don't miss you any more. You are not even that last thought in my mind. I am not gonna react over those silly, useless pointless situations, because I have picked my broken pieces and moved on to make it one... 
It was not easy like you.. but I have learned that it was a mistake and I got to move on.. life ahead is very beautiful. I can say that because I am holding it in my hands right now... I am not missing you anymore, even I have left to make efforts to forget you. I don't miss you any more... not at all...

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