Saturday, February 2, 2013

And It Will Always Be Like That...

Life - Teaching A New Lesson Every Moment 

Great employees are so valuable and irreplaceable that you don't want to lose them. 
As A HR Professional I have learned it. 
But what, if someone offers your performers a better offer than you have ???
Then you have a choice: Either beat the offer or, if you can't, then wish them the best.

The idea that someone will remain at a company for long term is just like a old tale of kings and queens. So if you are truly dedicated to your employees then accept that they'll leave some day. 
I never wanted my team mates to leave but I feel proud when they leave for better offers. 
Considering myself as an entrepreneur, I have always wished to to create an environment where employees will openly tell me about serious job offers. 
I wish, the first thing I could say is, "Congratulations!" 

Besides, I hope, no one would want a company packed with people striving to perform even better than the best they are doing with you.
Alok Kumar Upadhayay
HR Professional 
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