Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SORRY... Do You Really Wanna Say or Hear It ?

In a relationship, "SORRY" doesn't always mean begging for forgiveness...
Sometimes, it's another way of saying, "Can we save this without breaking up ?" 
...Its easy to say the above lines...And believe me you only say it when pain lies in your part and want others to say sorry to you... or you need to say sorry because you are wrong but don't want to hurt  your ego by saying,"Yes, I am wrong, I did it and I am really sorry for it."
 I am saying this..because...Unfortunately... I have never meet any one who could put her/his ego apart and say sorry for her/his mistakes; who can confess her/his mistakes rather than hiding it by telling a lie and hurting the one who trust him/her like anything...and could say,"It would never happen again."
Yeah, very often, I have met people who easily commit blunders in relations, hurt others by lies, and when the other asks about it, they just escape by saying, "I don't know how but it just happened. Its my weakest point and even in future I cannot assure that it will not happen again....." In some cases I have ever seen the situations, where after committing blunders... the blunders that can even break the other one completely with his/her trust, people don't find it okay to explain the situation even, rather they say," you need to trust me or forget it, I am not going to explain you the situation".... "Look, you know I am selfish, whatever I do is for my own happiness...." 
"I never promised, I am not bound to answer you, or tell you the whole story, that why I lied, or why I hurt you, you are hurt, its your problem..." 
Till now whoever I have met, saying the above statement about saying SORRY (believe me, they hardly feel it) , are the people, who want others to  feel sorry. They just forget that life is a wheel, and when it spins and pain comes to their part, they cram the above statement, to save their ego, to cover their mistakes, to say indirectly that, "Look, its not me, who is wrong, but still I am saying sorry."
I have just one question, if you could just answer it,"If you are really sorry, then what is the need of saying the above statement?? Just feel sorry, make the other one feel that, it will not happen and move ahead !!"
Sorry was never a word that meant 'to beg for forgiveness', it was just a word for confession of your deeds and to feel the pain of others, the grief that others have suffered because of your deeds of selfishness. But, the changing world and the mindset of using the relations changed the meaning of this world...
Believe me, I really wish if I could meet someone who could really say sorry by heart... will accept that the above lines ( which are a frequent SMS or FB status as well ) are true...

- Alok Kumar Upadhayay
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