Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life - Teaching New Lesson Every Moment

बिखरे पन्नों में देखो गुज़रे लम्हों की..
कि एक मुकम्मल दास्तां है उन अधूरे लफ्ज़ों में...

Most of the times we do somethings just to have some fun or just because none of the good reason, without thinking why ? We never ask, what will be its chain reaction ?? We never even try to consider if it will put some impact on your life as well as those who are with you ?? We never try to think what will happen next ?
Even I do this sometimes....but at the same time I have faced the results. I remember those thoughts very well  -- "Oh !!  Come on Alok, nothing is going to happen ... who cares... things come and go....  its just for fun... its just because I want so...  its just a little thing...  nothing serious......" But now when I think about it seriously I can easily see that how those 'n' no. of small things have brought their results....
I just think..  why it is too hard to understand??  OR  it is just because we don't want to understand it...
The only thing is what counts the most ?? 
We always have 2 options and every time we need to select one...we need to decide what is more important ??
In my early days my Maa always used to tell me  - Son ! Whenever you face such a situation, just ask to yourself, what is the thing that can be avoided.. for eg. you have got Rs. 100, now its you who has to decide either you want to go for a movie, that has just released or you want to buy a Pen that you want to have.
Believe me... even now, no matter the situation is easy one or complicated one... this statement helps me as panacea. 

What I have got from life is that, the smallest things in life are the ones that count the most. The small things can be important, much more important than you realize. A decision that could change your future you may see as nothing special. It may be as basic as choosing paper or plastic at the grocery store, sharing your thoughts at Facebook our just having a healthy conversation with your close ones. It could be that simple
. The smallest decisions could have the biggest impact. We do not think about it at the time, but they have huge potential for our lives. When you look back in your life, you can see it is true.

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