Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Loneliness

 9:25 PM, Monday, 19th Sept.2011,

"Tuglakabaad Station, doors will open on the left please mind the gap." 

The mechanical voice of Delhi Metro for the arrival of Tuglakabaad Metro Station had got my attention now. Metro stopped and he walked out of the automatically opened doors. 

He was gone but was still somewhere there in my mind. 

I was noticing him since I had boarded Violet Line Delhi Metro from Central Secretariat, on my way to home. 
I was late today, there were very few passengers in that coach. 
He was just in front of me. At the very first sight, I had got a feeling that I know him. I was unable to remember where and when but I was sure that it was a long time. I thought to ask him but I didn't. 

Suddenly I remembered, I had met him before on the same route, a couple of months ago. Now I was more curious about him. The reason was the change. 

Yeah.. last time when I had seen him he was one of the happiest people I had ever seen in my life. I had a small conversation with him. I found him interesting. He was so cheerful as if he had got everything he had ever wanted.....but today...  I found him lost somewhere... no expressions at all. It was a little bit surprising to me...

I was just thinking how...why?

He just took out a paper and a diary out of his bag and started writing something.

He kept on writing until we were at our destination. We stood to move, he had left that piece of paper on the seat. 

I just looked at it and read it....

"What will you do, if you have everything and have got nothing?
What will you do if you have got everyone close to you and the one you want to be with is not with you?
What, if ................   and it was blank.....

If something was there it was a big question mark (?) he had drawn on that page... with a quote....
"For me it's loneliness.....it's the real loneliness...."

The Metro stopped, and I moved ahead....he moved ahead with me...I alone stepped out of the door. All fellow passengers had gone. Standing on the platform, I was thinking about that face I had seen in the translucent glass of Metro... Yeah.. I had lost it somewhere...

And what  I had in my mind was the above lines.

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