Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank You For Being Everything to Me... Love You PAA

Dear Paa,
Thank you for being always with me as my strength, my support and my guide and my friend…
Wish you a very Happy Father’s Day, Love you Paa…

My Paa,
The most respectable, admirable, honorable and adorable person for me in this world. The person, with whom I have always enjoyed a friendly relation.
No doubt most of the times, I think that my Paa is too strict and asks a lot of questions but somewhere deep down in my heart, I also know that he is the one who cares for me the most. Sometime I think, why he asks a lot of questions, why he treats me like a kid.
Sometimes I feel -- isn’t it too much? But, soon I realize that it’s all because he cares for me.
My Paa and me both are like friends.
George Herbert  had said once, "One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters." This statement is absolutely right. I have learned a lot from my paa. He has always shared his experience with me, and it had helped me a lot in my journey of life….
He asks for any suggestions in his decisions and I share my views with him. I always ask for his permission before doing anything. Many times he disagrees ( I know it already before asking that he will refuse..ha ha ha) but finally he agrees.
 He is the person who has made struggles in his life not improve his life but to improve life and career of ours.
He always puts the best for me from all he has. I hardly remember for anything which I really need and he has not bought it for me and all before saying anything. I remember the day when he had got a Sonata watch as Diwali gift but he put it on my wrist saying that it suites you.  I was just 13 at that time.
I miss those parents teacher meeting days, when I was in boarding….
It was just an excuse for him to come to see me. He used to listen to the teachers, both compliments, comments but never scolded.. …. ***He he he he***…. He always used to say…. I am not here to make fun with you…but I will never let the situation occur that you feel....."if I were in Delhi" Enjoy your life...but at the same time take care of your studies too....
He has never been a person who has wished me Happy Birthday first of all but he has always been a person who has surprises for me on that day.
When it comes to rules, discipline he becomes very strict but in most of the cases he is friendly to me. Many times I go on discussions with him.
I love him the most but I never expressed or say I never ever thought to express. Reason… I don’t believe in showing love. Because, if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, your acts and care for that person will never let you hide it.
The same is here, we usually get indulge in serious discussions  but still he knows I love him the most and I know that he cares for me more than anyone else.

Even right now, my maa is with my younger brother, in Mumbai but my paa never let me feel that maa is not here. He himself take care of my everything, waking me up, packing my bag for office, and even when i fell asleep using my lappy as  pillow (most of the time I get asleep while working on my projects ), and without removing my specs, and when I wake up, I always find my lappy and specs on proper place and myself in a comfortable situation. Obviously, its my Paa, who take care of all these things.
He still considers me as a kid, and I want to be like same forever..... because I never want to miss this love and affection I get from him, the way he adore me....the care I get from him... I never want to loose all these things.....
What I have learned from my Paa is, never give up and dedication to work. Leading my life on these principles by his blessings, I have learned a lot.
Maa and Paa are the best gifts from heavens I ever have. For me if my Maa stands for 'Unconditional Love', my Paa stands for "strength and inspiration".
He is my god, my haven.
Thank you Paa, for those chocolates in the absence of Maa, for those moments in orchard, for holding my hands in the crowd, for carrying me on your shoulders, to make me smile, for holding me when I was in pain and making me feel that everything will be alright and for everything you did for me and for being always with me,
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