Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Rainy Day in Faridabaad

Dear friends,
On my way to college, I notice so many things which I like or don't like. Most of the things I don't like.
Please go through these pics. and know yourself.
The pics are from the beginning of a normal day when I start for college and when I finally return to home.
Here are the pics..
Traffic Jam at Meethapur .. The first barrier I face on my  way to college.
Another View of Meethapur Traffic Jam
Trffic coming from Jaitpur..
Traffic coming from Faridabaad
Traffic Coming from Noida
Only one Traffic Policeman trying to control this Mob
Useless efforts... aahhh......
A minor crack in Metro Piller... who knows.. its really minor..or major from Inside..waise bhi bahut bachat ki hai inhone...great people...
MAking Efforts..
A person truing to escape..
No One to control this traffic now..
A beggar making slippers from Newspaper, Rope and some rubber from an old slipper..Its a scene from Badarpur Boarder....
A poor Child Enjoying Rain..
Its road or River.....
Market place...soon it will be like a pond..
Small ponds..on road,,  ha ha ha... soon it will be bigger one
Dung and Garbage pill...  in front of Sewage pumping station
Sewage pumping station of Faridabaad
Another hip of garbage...
Cattle roaming on the road.. Don't Know what MCD do....
This is what everyone faces before entering to Delhi via By pass
Another scene of same place... where does all money for development go???
Seems like bank of a its pond... no.... its road...
Situation of divider...
He is really a person with one except him dared to go through that temperory water storage of Haryana Govt.
Seems Haryana Govt. has got a plan of harvesting Rain water
Another View
One more view..
What happened...seems like a little rain..and the situation is....
Vehicles trying to pass...but got stuck..
Two more vehicles in the queue
Last vehicle in the queu
What is it a re-habitation Center for flood victims of FBD..ha ha ha..what a joke....
Dogs sitting on a small hill type pill of Garbage... a view at Badarpur Boarder...entrance of Delhi...ha ha ha
Our Bike got stuck too..some how managed to take it out... students..luv birds..enjoying after rain climate..
There is no boat here..sorry...
Cattle on road.. who is the owner????????  plz  inhe ghar le jaao yaar...
Another view..
Is it the parking stand at Badarpur Boarder...?? Ha ha ha
Rush at Badarpur Boarder crossing
This person on Bike made the traffic 15 minute late..  idiot..
This place is just below the proposed Metro station of Badarpur boarder
Evening...and traffic is still .....thank God.. I walked..and was not on Vehicle..

  And still ....the GOVT says that...they are ready for CWG.... A rain of just one day..stops the traffic for hours..God Knows what will happen....
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