Monday, August 16, 2010

Concentration - The Way to Success

Orientation of all the mental and physical abilities towards a particular work is known as concentration. Concentration is very important for getting success in life. Achieving the goal in any field of life is almost impossible without concentration. You must have noticed that if someone is not concentrated to his work, he feels inability to put all his efforts to that work and also fails to use all his abilities, and without proper efforts and abilities no one can perform any job completely. Even if he/she will try to do so he will not achieve the success.
It has been noticed so many times that even while doing a work the person keep on thinking about some other thing. For e.g. Even a student is physically present in the class, it’s not necessary that he/she is mentally present there. He/she may be thinking about new movie or parties or anything else. This is the major problem with the youth. At the time of studies they keep on thinking about cricket, movies and other things and when they move to the playground or theater, they start worrying about their studies. Thus they neither study properly nor enjoy the happy moments. They just waste their time.
If you want to be a successful person as well want to improve your memory or retention power, please improve your concentration, lean how to get concentrated and practice the methods to improve your concentration.
Human thoughts keep on running even without feet. It never stops even for a moment for anything, on any thought, any time, but with practice and some efforts we can control it and make our unstable thoughts stable.
We can also say that thinking for a particular thing continuously is called concentration.
Concentration is like our vision, which never stops on a particular thing. So we need to control our vision as well as thoughts.
To do this, one need to think only about the work he/she is doing in that particular time span.
One can get concentrated by focusing on a particular work at one time and by using his will power. It needs a target, a goal to get focused or concentrated, and one should be eager to achieve that goal.
Once you will be able to concentrate and use your abilities, you can achieve any goal in your life. But it needs practice and will power to get concentrated.
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