Monday, June 21, 2010

Thank you for being always with me as my strength, my support and my guide.

Dear Paa,
Thank you for being always with me as my strength, my support and my guide.
Wish you a very Happy Father’s Day

My Paa,
The person I respect most and love most. I hardly remember a day since last 7 or 8 years when I had not enjoyed a friendly relation with my father.
I always think that my paa is too strict, asks a lot of questions but I also know that he is a person who cares for me the most.
I remember those days when I was a kid, and my paa used to take me with him to visit our fields and when I used to feel tired he used to make me sit on his shoulders, make me to listen jokes and make me to sing songs with him.
I remember those days when I used to go to market places with him and he never let me to carry a single bag of goods.
I remember the first letter I ever wrote to anyone and it was my father. At that time I was living in my parental village and I had joined a school and I needed stationary items. I had written about my needs to my Paa, who was living in New Delhi for his job and he had sent me a lot of things, a lot of stationary items that made me feel special in the school.
The time came and we moved to Delhi. I got admission in a good school in Delhi. School was far from our home so my paa bought a brand new bicycle for me, my first bicycle. It was special for me as well as unique in my school. No one else had that type of bicycle.
I used to go for evening coaching, and then my paa used to come to the coaching center to receive me even in those cold nights.
Soon I had my board exams; the center was In Mayur Vihaar, New Delhi….
It’s my paa who helped me to arrive there on time and he used to wait for 3 hours outside the center.
It’s my paa whose efforts gave me a new life when I was in Operation Theater and needed O(+)ve  badly. I had got serious injury in an accident ( Read      ).  His efforts gave me a new life.
I hardly remember a day when my paa has not treated me as friend but at the same time he becomes very strict too. Sometime I think, why he asks a lot of questions, why he treats me like a kid.
Sometimes I feel -- isn’t it too much? But, soon I realize that it’s all because he cares for me.
My paa and I both are like friends. He asks for any suggestions in his decisions and I share my views with him. I always ask for his permission before doing anything. Many times he disagrees ( I know it already before asking that he will refuse..ha ha ha) but finally he agrees.
He is person  who have made struggles in his life not improve his life but to improve life and career of his children.
He always puts the best for me from all he has. I hardly remember for anything which I really need and he has not bought it for me and all before saying anything. I remember the day when he had got a Sonata watch as Diwali gift but he put it on my wrist saying that it suites you more.
He has never been a person who has wished me Happy Birthday first of all but he has always been a person who has surprises for me on that day.
When it comes to rules, discipline he becomes very strict but in most of the cases he is friendly to me. Many times I go on discussions with him.
The bad part with me is that I love him the most but I never expressed or say I never ever thought to express. Reason… I don’t believe in showing love. Because, if you love someone from the bottom of your heart, your acts and care for that person will never let you hide it.
The same is here, we usually get indulge in serious discussions  but still he knows I love him the most and I know that he cares for me more than anyone else.
He is my god, my haven..
Thank you paa, for  being always with me, for holding my hands in the crowd, for carrying me on your shoulders, to make me smile , to let me eat chocolates in the absence of maa, to holding me when I was sick and making me feel that everything will be alright and for everything you did for me.
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