Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dear friends,
I am going to my parental village after a long time{about 3 years}. I am very excited to meet my grand parents after a long period of time. It will be like a grand party for me as I will be meeting almost all of my relatives on MONDAY.
There is a saying, happiness never comes alone, it has some sorrows and a lot of efforts too.
The same is here. I will be meeting them after a long period of time, I will meet my younger brother after a duration of 2 years but I will not have much time to spend with them. I will be reaching my village on SUNDAY. We will enjoy the celebration on MONDAY and I will say goodbye to them on MONDAY evening itself. I will be having only 27 hours to be with them. I have my university exams on Wednesday so need to leave for Delhi on Monday evening. The sad part doesn't end here. I don't have confirmed train tickets. I know that the journey is going to be very painful and horrible. But thanks to the person who suggested me to go home even after all these things.
When my paa told me that I have not got Reserved Train Tickets I changed my plan and had almost decided that I will not go. I just don't like visiting a distant place just for few hours. The reason is that in that case I will be keep thinking of my time of departure and I will not enjoy those happy moments completely.
I was totally confused. Thank god, that I have some good friends to help me in these type of situation. I just dialed a no. and asked what to do. I told about my perception and reason for canceling my visit. But Answer was - "ALOK YOU SHOULD GO. IT WILL BRING SMILES ON ALL FACES. WAISE BHI NEXT TIME TUM AB 2-4 years KE BAAD HI VILLAGE JAAOGE. SO, AGAR MUJHSE POOCHA HAI TO  MERI BAAT MAANO AND JAAO. ENJOY THESE MOMENTS. WHO KNOWS IT WILL BE BACK OR NOT. AFTER ALL SOME MOMENTS NEVER COME BACK. SO, ONCE YOU MISSED YOU WILL FEEL SORRY FOR IT."
The above statement solved my problem and I am going.
Don't have much time to write more as I have to leave for DELHI RAILWAY STATION and right now I am in ROHINI(New Delhi).
Thank you...
I  know you are there.
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