Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you Maa - For Being Always With Me

 जिसको नहीं देखा हमने कभी, अब उसकी जरुरत क्या होगी;
ऐ माँ तेरी सूरत से अलग भगवान की सूरत क्या होगी.

Mother, the best gift to human by that almighty God. Mother, who loves us so much that we sometimes  cannot understand it. She is someone who makes us realize, how good we are, that there is no one better than us. Her happiness is in our laughter and Sorrow in our sorrow. She is someone we cannot leave without. She is everything.
The above lines explains the feeling of each and every child. There is a saying, “for every mother her son/daughter always remains child, no matter how old he/she is.” It is also true that , we always wish to go to those old days when we were kids, to enjoy that childish acts. Mother, Maa, Mummy and there are so many other names, we have to call our mother.
From ancient times, in every society and religion, there has been a respectful place for mother. She is another form of the God on this earth. Mother Mary, Mother Yoshoda( Lord Krishna’s Mother), Mother Teresa are the best examples.
I am 20years old, but I had never spent a single day, when I my Maa hasn’t say- ALOK! You are a kid.
My Maa is a teacher. She has always wished me to be a well educated and successful person. She has always been strict to me about my studies and everything but she has been more caring and loving to me.
I still remember that evening when I had gone for picnic with my school friends and teachers, directly after school hours, it was a sudden made program and I had no means to inform at home. I was supposed to be home at about 15:00pm. But due to picnic I was late and reached at about 18:00pm. I found my Maa with eyes full of tears. She was sitting in the balcony, looking my way, waiting me to return. I was 6 years old at that time. Since then I never went outside without informing her.
It was the day when I had participated in a Quiz competition held by my school. I scored 2nd position at zonal level and 1st position at school level. My mother was there in the award ceremony and she was the happiest one when my name was announced for the awards.
I remember that unlucky day 3rd Sept.2005, when I had met a dreadful accident and was admitted in the hospital. It was my Maa, who was with me day and night. Even on the day when she has her fast (Vrat), she used to live with me, encouraging me. She never left me alone for a second.
I still remember that morning, it was my second day in hostel (boarding). I woke up and started looking for my Maa. Then I realized that I was far away from her lap. I wept a lot. I missed her a lot on that day. The same happened again when I returned back to hostel after my summer vacations. I wept a lot. My roommates were with me, they were trying to help me. Thanks to them. But I always missed her during those two years of my hostel life. I was 16 years old that time. Ha ha ha. I was in 11th class.
Finally the day came when I returned home. It was the happiest moment of my life.
The day also came, when I had to leave Delhi again for my college. I was going to Ghaziabaad. I tried to make myself strong but had spent my first night sobbing. I was afraid that if I will make a phone call then it will be difficult for me to stop there anymore.
I have spent 5 years without my Maa, far away from her and during these days I have realized that- A person whose mother is with him/her is the luckiest person in this world. I can’t even imagine living without my maa. But I also know that I will be moving soon for next two years away from her for my higher education. I am going to miss her again.
My mother has been my ideal, strength and faith. Whatever I am right now, that’s all because of her motivation and her efforts. She had been tough to me but she has taught me to live. She has always been happy in my happiness and I have seen her sad when I feel sad. Not only one mother’s day, she is special to me always.
I will never say that I have always been a good son. I am 20 now. She still cares for me if I am kid and scolds me too. I am very naughty and aggressive. Sometimes I speak to her loudly and in aggressive manner. I know that I should not.
On this mother’s day, I would like to gift myself to her with a promise that I will work to make al her dreams come true. I will try to walk on that road of success that she has shown to me. Because, I want to live like a kid, who cannot imagine to walks without his mother’s finger in his small hands.
Love you Maaa.
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