Friday, May 7, 2010

Internet…Some Useful Tips, But Don’t be Its Slave

Internet…Some Useful Tips, But Don’t be Its Slave

Alok…a boy who spends most of his time on his laptop. It’s what his parents and his guru Dr. Prashant sir say.
Hay! Don’t get confused, I am talking about myself. Dr.Prashant Jha always reminds me that, “Alok, remember your laptop and technology, its all for you, control it rather than being controlled by it.” Its because a couple of days ago I used to spent my whole day with my laptop. I used to keep on searching new software, more knowledge about new technologies; artiches based on web gyan(knowledge) and blah! Blah! Blah!
Few days ago once again Dr. Prashant sir instructed me. I got his point and made a time schedule. I will not say that I completely follow his instruction this time. Sorry, but I have fond of computers and tech. I love to work on it, don’t matter what type or work is it. So, I made a timetable for myself on 3rd May 2010 and after putting all my efforts I managed to adjust my time with my laptop and internet in such manner that I could use my weakness as my strength.

Internet, if we use it properly then no doubt it’s a boon for us but the point we lost our track then no one can save us from being its slave. Its interesting, isn’t it? We invent technologies to work for us but slowly we become its addict and the time comes when we become its slave and we never think about it.
Imagine, after completing all your daily tasks, official work or studying you turns on your computer system to finish that part of work which needs computer and internet. Suddenly you see that one of your friends is online, or some unknown person sends chat request to you and automatically your fingers start pressing the keys to chat. You also observe that you have some new e-mails about comments on your picture uploaded at Facebook. Thus, you keep on pressing more and more keys and soon you get stuck in the beautiful net of internet.
Internet or WORLD WIDE WEB, a web of knowledge, a lot of useful knowledge but it is full of a lot of hindrances too. The best part is that all those internet tools which are there to help you are also the reason to disturb you. For e.g. Social networking sites- these sites helps us to be in touch with our friends, but excess of anything is dangerous. So be careful.
So, what to do in this case because internet is useful but it can be addiction too. From where can we get help?
The answer is Internet.
Remember, a problem always contains its solution too. With the help of updated information and some useful interesting links, you can save your time and energy. You can be more creative and productive.
You always need to keep an eye on your performance. Time Trackers helps you in maintaining a data for your average time by calculating the time you were active and the time you were not. Basically it monitors your computer applications. We waste a lot of time but never feel it. Time Trackers help us know where we have spent more than required time but be careful that you are not spending most of your time on Time Trackers. The links that can help you more are:-

Online Project Management Applications can be very helpful for those who work as a team. Try . It helps the team members to work together on a particular project and also helps in the most of the communication tasks. There is one more application- . It is easier and has more features.

You also need to remove all those things which disturb you or create hindrances. Operating systems like Linux, Windows and MAC provides a lot of tools for this purpose. For word processors, you can use – or Alpha XP Lite – . Both of these are full screen interfaces and allow only text to appear on your screen. It helps you to save yourself from unwanted images and advertisements.
There are some application launchers which help the user to search data easily and in less time and keeps the user safe from being disturbed by other unwanted troubles while working on more than one documents. The links to these applications are - or .

If you want to keep your notes in a proper and arranged manner then you can try online Note Taking Applications. The best and most popular- . Evernote also works on your Smartphone too. It also updates your study table desktop, office desktop and Smartphone. So, no need to worry if you forgot to carry your notes or documents. You can also use it to upload images and audio files. You can also use , it helps you to add and remove notes and documents anytime and anywhere. You can access it from any place in this world. All you need to have is internet connection. GOOGLE DOCUMENTS – and provides a facility to upload and access Excel sheets and Presentation Files.

Paperwork is the best option for traditional and effective uses. Printed material work as a guide and reminder for the organizers, for e.g. calendar, to do list, not to do list, printed planners and blue prints etc. If you want to add this paperwork to your digital world then you can use as a beginner.

After a lot of work finally we need something that can help us to relax and reboot J. Music, no doubt helps people to focus and concentrate. The choices may vary. If one likes Akon’s “Smack that” then Celina Dion’s “My heart will go on” can be preferred by another person. Some may like Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” then some may also prefer Quwallies of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or songs by Lata Mangeshkar. It’s all your choice. But most of the users say that soft music in a low volume helps them to concentrate. A special music genre is ‘Ambient’. Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbral characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric”, “visual" or "unobtrusive" quality. It is available at almost all the music streaming websites. You can use or and find out some Ambit Music. You can look for the songs of your favorite singers here.

All the above sites helps a lot but be careful, access of anything is dangerous. So always keep in mind, technologies are for us, we are not for them. Don’t live a life which goes under control of technologies. I am not saying that we should not use it. Obviously we should, but don’t be dependent on it. Don’t be its slave.
There is a lot to share but some another day.
Thank you
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