Thursday, May 13, 2010


Seems to be funny. You will be saying what a crazy person I am because we all know that problems create hindrance in achieving our goal and makes us unsuccessful, but every coin has another face. Actually the problems which we face in our life are good for our brain.
What a joke!??!?!?!
No, it is true. How?
We all have played chess or other games as the game moves to a difficult or challenging situation we tend to think faster and faster. Many of us say that playing chess is good for brain.
All the challenges we face if we face them with a positive attitude it helps us in getting the solution, a better solution. A person without problems looses his ability too face the challenges. His thinking ability, analytical ability and decision taking ability gets slower.
Our great scientists, psychiatrists and authors have found in there research and studies that when we face opposite situations or difficult situations our neurological system becomes more active. It removes stress and makes us to think new ways. At a time when we feel disturbed we act more positively.
According to a research by medical science, whenever we face problems, our neuro system produces a biochemical Endorphin,which helps our neuro system by changing the chemical level and neuro-transmissions of brain, removes stress and pain and enables us to think in a better way(info. From internet search). It has also been found that we react more on loosing anything than getting something. It means greater the problems greater the solution.
If we study the life of successful persons in this world we will come to know that about 60% successful people were from poor family. The had faced either social,physical or economical problems in there life. There struggle to overcome the worst situation and to move ahead in race of life made them great.
So never be afraid of struggling. Its only way to success.
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