Saturday, April 24, 2010

Your Weakness is Your Strenght...its true

Dear friends,
You will be saying, what a joke, how weakness of a person can be his strength.
But I will say, please go ahead, read the post and then say, if I am right or wrong.

Today, I am here to share a story. A story which my mother had told me once when I had met a serious accident and had got admitted in hospital as I was Injured badly. I had got a hard blow in my skull and was operated. At that time I was pursuing my intermediate, Doctor had told me to take rest for two months and not to take tension go under any type of pressure. I was worried about my school and studies. I used to ask my mother, will I ever be able to be like older days; ready to face any comptetion?

Then she told me a story, a story of a boy who had lost his left hand in a car accident but was willing to learn Judo. The story is here:-

Jatin, a boy who was just 10 years old, had lost his left hand in a car accident. But he had a desire… desire to be a JUDO fighter. Everyone said to him, you can’t. One cannot do it just with one hand. But that boy had a great wish to be a Judo player. So he went to an old Japanese Judo Master. He requested him to teach him. Master agreed, he told him to join his students. From the next day, Jatin was learning Judo. He was practicing very well, but was confused with some questions.

He has been practicing for only one fighting style since last 3 months. Why?

Why Master is not preceding him to next moves?

One day he asked about it to his Master. Master just replied simply that,” It is the only move you know and it is the only move you should know.”

He didn’t get his point, but he had a faith on his master so he continued practicing the same move.

After a few months Master called him and said him to participate in a Judo championship.

Jatin did so.

He won the first challenge easily. He won the second too. Now it was the final challenge to win the championship. The opponent was a strong player and was a veteran. Jatin was just a kid as compared to him.

Referee stopped the fight as he was worried for Jatin.

He came to the master and said, ”please don’t let your student participate. He may get a hard blow.”

“No, let him fight.” Said the Master.

Soon Jatin was making winning moves and he won the fight.

“Master, what made me to win this fight and championship as I know only one fighting style.” Jatin asked.

“Due to two reasons my dear.” Master said and continued.

“1st you practiced for the most difficult fighting style of Judo perfectly. You became master of it. Second, to win the final challenge, your opponent needed to hold your LEFT hand.”

“So my son, you all need to convert your weaknesses into your strengths. Just dare to do it. The day you will be able to do it, you will win the championship of your life.”

Later on I met Dr. Prashant Jha, my English teacher and a very good motivator for students. He also say the same thing, “Alok, you know about your weaknesses, so use them in such a manner that it become boon for you rather than curse.”

I know we all are human beings; we all have weaknesses and it not easy to overcome them, but who is saying to overcome. I am just saying to use your weaknesses as your strength. The day we will be able to do it, believe me, there will not be a single person, who will say, I failed….

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