Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mujhse Dosti Karoge????

Friendship has many colors, some have darker shades but most have the brightest shades. These colors paint our life and make it beautiful, these colors give us a reason to live for others. All these things like internet, social networking sites, mobile phones, telephones etc. have helped us to make new friends. But I have a question:- Do we really have so many friends? I had read the book written by MAHATMA GANDHI- "My Experiments with Truth." According to him If you have one good friend, you are the most lucky person in this world. Sometimes I wonder, Do I have some one like this?
I have observed that when I was a child and had no facilities like Internet,mobiles etc. I had better friends. Its not only with me. You all must have the same situation.
Have you ever thought about it? Why?
Its because we used to spent time with those friends. Its because that relation had just emotional connection. At that time we used to make friends without any need.
I have meet so many people who say,"I don't believe in friendship. Its all just business." I asked them, please tell me why???
"Because, in this world no one is going to be your friend until he needs you."
Yes these people are right.
But who is responsible for these thoughts???
Have we ever thought??
We are responsible for it. Its we, who have ruined this sweet relationship.
Can't we change it back. We can if we wish to do. All we need to do is to eliminate the thought of NEED OF SOMEONE.
 Need should not be the basis of friendship. Believe me, make some friends without thinking that you need them or not. Enjoy your moments with them, no matter you are with your friends or not. Distance never matters. I am sure you will love it. Come on just do it....
I do have some very good friends. I know its difficult to find one but still I am happy to be the most lucky person, as I have some good friends.
I am enjoying...I wish you will also enjoy.
So, come on lets start it......
Would you like to be my friend????
Mujhse Dosti Karoge?????
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