Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friendship..the best gift of GOD...

जिंदगी के सफ़र में अनजाना कौन है !! सब अपने ही तो हैं, बेगाना कौन है ?!!
-- आलोक
The above lines are dedicated to one of my best friends who had said once,"For being friends, I don't think its necessary to say specially that, we are friends now. Its a relation related to emotions." What a nice thought. I was impressed, when I heard this statement, because it was similar to my thoughts about friendship. Friendship - an in-depth relationship. A relationship which has just a feeling to help each other. A relationship where always one says to other- hay! I am always with you. I know you are reading it. So I would like to say, thank you for being my friend.

I had heard a student in my college saying that- for friendship it requires that we need each other. I had a long discussion due to this statement. She had a perception that it is need which makes two people friends otherwise there is no any other reason which make two strangers friends. I was against it. Finally I put my last point ,"It means if you don't need anyone then no one will be your friend. If some one is your friend it is only because you need him/her." She said, yes! its true. At the same moment she lost almost all her friends. Still we are not friends, simply because of the perception two strangers cannot be friends without any need.
I would like to ask a question,"Do we know all our friends since birth?"
"Was it our need that forced us for friendship?"
No, its not like that. We all work on the same principle. The problem arises when we start thinking about need. When the attitude arises."I will not be your friend, because I dont need you. You are stranger."
Friendship its a relation which takes time. How much! Depends entirely on your nature. needs trust. Yes, there is a risk in self disclosure but there is
nothing in this universe which comes without risk. I have been cheated
so many times due to my nature but I never changed my perception.
I always say to myself--- its ok, so what if I have been cheated, this world have good people too.
It hurts when friendship comes to an end. I have felt it, so many times but still I would like to say...thank you.
Thanks to all of you who are with me.
Thank you.
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