Monday, April 5, 2010

One More Chance to life...With Determination.....


ना पूछो की मेरी मंजिल है कहाँ,
अभी तो सफ़र का इरादा किया है,
ना डगमगायेंगें कदम ये रास्ते मैं,
हौसला ही इतना ज्यादा किया है.
ना हारेंगे कभी इस सफ़र में,
किसी से नहीं, खुद से ये वादा किया है.
I have seen students being excited and nervous on the day when the result is declared. They wait for it. It seems that, its the D-Day for them. But I never had such an excitement. I always used to say,"ARE YAAR RESULT HI TO AAYA HAI, KAYAMAT TO NAHI AAYI. The same was happening today. I had no excitement for my CET MAHARASTRA result. Finally it was announced. It was not satisfactory. I shared it with Dr. Prashant sir. I was very sad, very upset. I used to follow the principle,"JO HOTA HAI ACHE KE LIYE HOTA HAI." But I had forgot it. After all, it was my last hope to get admission in any good MBA college. I have a call from IILM, Greater Noida and some more colleges which are almost at the same ranking. But I was not interested to get admission there. I was waiting for this result. But now all my ways seems to be closed. But he is the one, who always help me in such situations. He was sad too, but he said," No problem, CHALO EK TARAH SE ACHA HI HUA. Agar aisa hota to tum waha admission le lete. Jo galat hota. You are not for it. You deserve better. Now you know that you have only one option, study for next CAT." He was busy so we decided to talk later.Thank you sir, for being always with me and guiding me.
But now I am satisfied. I have no doubts, no confusion. One more thing, one of my friends had decided to drop this year but was confused too. I had promised that I will not get admission anywhere except Mumbai. But I had a bad feeling that, some one is going to drop one more year due to me. As I have told that we should get admission in top 25 colleges only. But I am doing the same. Now I am happy that I am also on the same track. I am happy.
Now I have finally decided that I will study to BELL THE CAT this year. I know my abilities. I know I can do it. Now I just need to maintain this spirit and the support of my friends, support of all of you. I am sure you are with me.
Thank You

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