Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life - Teaching A New Lesson Every Moment

हम तो बस ये ही मानते रहे,
जिंदगी बस हमसे ही ख़फ़ा है,
निकल कर दुनिया के बाज़ार में,
देखे जो रंग जिन्दगी के,
तो ये एहसास हुआ....
इस सफ़र में हमराही और भी हैं......
-- आलोक

Whenever we face pain and trouble in our life, we think individually," the most painful person in this world. I am the one who has got all the sorrows and pain. I have got all the bad luck ......."and so on. Its not true. I agree that-"the bearer knows,what the pain it." At that time our pain seems to be worst than all.
Why I am telling this to you?
We all know it. Don't we? 
The reason behind sharing this matter here is that, in spite of having all these thoughts we ignore them.
The reason behind sharing this matter here is the pain of a person who is an ex-employee of an EMBASSY but now he is an auto-rickshaw driver.
It happened to me this evening when I was returning to Delhi from Ghaziabaad after visiting Career Launcher.
I hired auto from Lal Kuan, Ghaziabaad.
Its a saying that,"your words speak about you."
The same happened at that time. The way he was talking made me surprised, because during my stay of two years in Ghaziabaad I had never heard such a polite and soft voice from an auto driver. Now he had got my attention. I looked at him now. His clothes were saying that he is not an auto driver. He must be having some problems that made him to do so.
I became sure about it when he asked," भाई साहब, सेक्टर - 62 का किराया क्या है?"
I tried to stop my eagerness to know about him and the consequences that made him to do so by saying to myself,"No Alok, you have no right to peep into personal life of any person."
But finally I said,"आप ऑटो ड्राईवर तो नहीं लगते!"
"नए हो?"
And thus he started his story.I am writing it very briefly here.
His name was Rakesh. He was from Delhi and was an employee in an EMBASSY. As the Ambassador keep on changing every three year and staff is also changed with him; he{Rakesh} lost his job. He was a graduate. He had applied for various jobs but failed to get the job which he deserve. Now after being influenced by his relatives he is working as an auto rickshaw driver.
I was shocked after listening his story. I felt that pain within me, I don't know why? I was shocked to see this that where life and destiny has thrown him.

Really Life is something we can never predict about. There is no probability of pain and happiness in life....
Its really a question which has no solution.
It is life which always teaches us a new lesson each and every moment. The question is, "Are we learning it?"

I will be here again with a new experience....
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