Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its All About Management....

कागज़ पर चंद लकीरों में रंग भरते हुए ये ख्याल आया...
एक रंगरेज़ तो वो भी है जिसने इन रंगों को रंगीन किया है...,
--Alok Kumar Upadhayay

Dear friends, I got a new experience today. It’s not new but still its new.
What a joke??
Something is not new but still its new!!!! How??
It is because I noticed this thing today itself. So, I thought to share it. It is quite possible that you have already experienced this thing.
Before I begin, I would like to ask a question.
Who is the best manager in this universe???
You might be thinking about some great names like- Michael E. Porter(Management Guru)
Peter Druker(Management Guru), Philip Kotler (Marketing Guru), Pramod Batra(Management Guru) etc.

Congratulations!! Initially I also had the same answers for the above questions, but the right answer is The God.
Yes, it is that almighty God who manages all the things in this universe. Isn't it true? Don't you feel like that?
It was this question and some incidents, which made me to think and I got this experience which I am sharing here. So, not going too far, let’s move to the topic.

As usual I was listening to Qwwalies of Ustaasd Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and was arranging my bookshelf. My brother, who is appearing in Higher Senior Secondary Examinations (12th) came to me and asked, "Brother, who is the singer of this song(he, doesn’t know anything about qwwalies)?"
"Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, its qwwali, not song" I replied.
"How he can sing like this?" He asked about alaaps…..
"Because, he knows how to manage the 7 sur of music."
"Ye kaun si management hai??"
I said, "It is same like managing colors on paper or canvas for making beautiful paintings. As you draw."
"It means, I am also a manager!"
"Yes you are."
"Who is the best manager??" He asked, and I was surprised.
I thought a lot and finally came to the answer, "The God."
"How??" He asked again.
Now I left my work and started explaining to him….
That almighty God is the best manager because he has made this universe in such a way so that we always have an option to manage with the situation or things.
Have you ever noticed the working of nature? 
Everything is happening in a planned manner. Any wrong step by mankind and we face the result.
We often say, this is bad, that is useless and so many other things. But it is not like that. If The God has made it then it has a purpose. What we all need to do is to change our perception and manage the situation. There is nothing useless in this world. Its all our activities which make things useful and useless. Otherwise why the creater of this universe, who himself is the best manger, will make anything useless.
Management in simple words is all about knowing, how to arrange and use the things in the best possible manner.
The day we will learn how to manage all the elements of our life, everything will change.
Our anger will change into mercy.
No will be our enemy anymore.
Our greed will come to an end. We will be a munificent person.
All our desires will vanish. We will be having the treasure of satisfaction.
If our management is ok, we can use every moment of our life but the point we got distracted we will suffer.
So , we just need to manage all the things in a proper manner and the world will be beautiful. The point we learnt to manage all the elements we have and a miracle will happen. The world and the humanity will be on a new way.

So , have faith, the God will do nothing wrong. We just need to understand his plannings…..
That's all

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