Friday, March 12, 2010


Recently I watched TEEN PATTI, a film by Leena Yadav and produced by Ambica Hinduja.
From the very begning even when I had heard the name of movie I knew that it might be Bollywood version of one of my favourite Hollywood movie 21(Twenty One), a movie
directed by Robert Luketic and Starring Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Laurence Fishburne, Aaron Yoo, Liza Lapira, Josh Gad and Jacob Pitts. Distributed by Columbia Pictures, Released in March 2008. I had watched this movie in November 2009 and now some of its clips on March 12 2010 in order to check the above datails. The plot is almost the same- a team of a professor and few students who are good in Mathematics and play the game Black Jack to make money, even the name of universities also resembles BIT in TEEN PATTI and MIT in 21 but the plot of Mathematical theories, crazyness of professor and award and recognition to him has been taken from another Hollywood movie in my collection -- A BEAUTIFUL MIND; which is a beautiful movie directed and produced by Ron Howard. Based on a book written by Sylvia Nasar of same name. Starring Russell Crowe who has played the role of professor. Released in December 2001. I had watched it in November 2009.
So we can say that TEEN PATTI is a combinatin of two Hollywood Movies 21 and A BEAUTIFUL MIND.
Now the question is that why I am telling this
Actually what is happning with me now a days is that which ever Hollywood movie I have been watching since March 2009 I get its Bollywood remake or copy within few next month.
Its really happning but I get disappointed after watching it.
Ofcourse Big B has performed excellintly so is R. Madhawan and others.
But my question is why it not performed well???
If we leave few ones, most of Bollywood movies which have been stolen or copied or we can say have been made after being inspired from hollywood movies, in words of our Bollywood directors and producer get flopped.
BLUE is another example of it. Its also a combination of two hollywood movies Torque, released in January 2004(I watched it in July 2009) and Fool's Gold(comedy movie), released in February 2008.
The plot of BLUE is from Fool's Gold and the bike stunt is from Torque, exact copy.
List of such movies is very long.
NAKSHA copy of WELCOME TO JUNGLE(i had watched it after NAKSHA ).
This is just example, list is very long....
Sometimes I think why should I watch Bollywood Movies if I watch Hollywood ones the answer I get is to check how is the copy because NAKAL K LIYE BHI AKAL CHAHIYE.
I agree that Bollywoosd has also some great hits which has been coppied by Hollywood but they have been Hit there too unlike our Bollywood ones; copy a hit movie and it goes flop.
Kya kare......hai koi rasta....?????

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