Sunday, March 14, 2010


If you are an MBA aspirant, have appeared in CAT, MAT, XAT etc and not having a good score
then this blog is especially for you....
Be careful

your Coaching Institute is forcing you directly or indirectly to take admission in a particular B-school,
Institute is providing you admission form of some COLLEGES at some discount.
You are being sent for GD and PI in your own groups, with your coaching mates,
Your GD topic was very easy,
Your PI has not been so challenging,
Specially college bus is provided to you to go for GD & PI to that college..
You are being told by your Coaching Institute that, as you are a student there so you will get discount on getting admission to a particular B-school.
A college suddenly becomes one of favourite colleges for your Institute and other Institutes become useless
and you are being pushed directly or indirectly toward some particular MBA / PGDM COLLEGES

then you are nothing but a bearer cheque of Rs. 50000 or more for the director of your coaching institute.
yes it is true.....

Recently I came to know about a truth. I had always heard that SACH KADWA HOTA HAI, but had never believed it. But now when you will read about the fact which I came to know about, you will say that it is true.
It happned all of sudden, it was unbelievable to me too when I knew that almost all the CAT, MAT or other MBA entrance test coaching institutes get commission of Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000, even more in some cases, per student for making him/her get admission in a particular B-school.
Top ranking B-schools like IIMs etc are not included in this.
As it was hard to believe, so I played a game individually, visited some B-schools and made some experiments and came with a result which was bitter but was fact.
I have also read the MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING which is signed by both College and Coaching Institute.
According to it the Coaching Institute will get Rs. 500 per application form sold to a student and if he gets admission there then Director of that Coaching Institute will get Rs. 50,000.
A newly opened college is providing-- A family trip to PATAYA.. for providing 5 students to it who are ready to take admission there.
What the beeeeeep....... is it.
We pay a huge money to these coaching Institutes for mentoring us and helping us to make our career, but what happens....these institutes use us at each and every stage.

If you get admission in a top ranking B-school then you become a free celebrity to them for advertisement.
You will say its ok...we are there students....they are our teachers.....
NO !!!!
All these people are nothing but cheaters, lier , thieves, crap just ......@@#$%^%#%^%$#%^%$#$%^%$#

As a student we respect them, believe them but what we get,,, loss of another Rs.50000.
We go these people for getting help to make our future but the fact is they play with us.
They treat us just as a money making machine for them.

Actually its also a reason why MBA colleges are charging high fee which normally ranges between Rs.600000- Rs 900000.
College charge all this money to students.

I am also a student of a coaching institute.
and I have also experienced the same.

Please note that my area of survey and experiment was- Delhi, NCR.
I will not tell the name of coaching institute and college here.
You are free to mail me at
for getting absolutely free feedback and advice regarding MBA / PGDM institute.
Please spreed this information to as many people as you can. It will help all the students a lot.

Please think about it.....
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