Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anger! The Worst Enemy of Mankind

कुछ  पल  हैं  जो साथ हैं.....कुछ साँसे हैं जो हमराह हैं,
फिर कुछ रिश्ते ऐसे बनाओ.....जो यादगार बन जाएँ,
उनके लिए जो आज नहीं....पर कल के सुप्रभात हैं.

                                              --  Sunil Upadhyay
These are the lines which often come to my thoughts whenever I see people fighting or quarreling.
I often think why we fight?
What do we get after fighting or quarrelling?
Is there any physical, emotional, social or economical benefit of it?
Even I myself lose my control over myself very easily. But after that when I calm down, I just say to myself…
“Alok! Control kar leta to kya hota?”
The answer I get is- “sab kuch kahi jyada acha hota.”
Anger ruins everything. I don’t say that anger is bad, it is good only if we know when, where and in what manner we have to be aggressive.
Anger is like soft drink, which should be served softly. A little anger with light voice and some love in it work like magic. It can perform miracle. I have tried it. It is difficult but nothing is impossible. My teacher had taught me once; anger is that weapon which should never be used. It is like a sword, which you just need to take out from scabbard, show it and then put it back. Never use it. I tried to follow it but never followed 100%.
Have you ever thought why we get angry?
In maximum cases we get angry due to our own mistakes and then we blame others by getting angry. The thing which makes us angry most of times is our ego……. Yes…ego. ‘I can never be wrong. I am right. If I said then I want it done.” Even when it’s our entire fault we never accept it easily and the result is anger then quarrel then fight and if it continues then one of both parties have to go to hospital and the other to jail.
So, what we got???
Nothing, but some more loss!
Why we forget that there is always a way of negotiation but no, I am not going to accept that I am wrong! Why? Why, we cannot be wrong? Are we God? Are we perfect? Are we the one who never commits mistake? If not then why we always say that, “I am not, he/she is wrong.” Think! Think! Think!

We need to think over it………
Do you know why???
Because, by creating this type of environment we are not only spoiling our life but also making the future of our next generation worst. What are we teaching to them by this way? Are we going to make a peaceful world for them?? Do we teach them the same what we do outside?
Think! Think!
It is not the only loss. There are other side effects of getting angry. We lose or waste a lot of energy in this way, which, if used in a novel cause we can change the world. Do you know that once you get angry you make yourself unable to think for next few minutes?
If your answer is YES, then why you get angry?
It means you are destroying your own performance.
So, if there is no benefit of getting angry, quarrelling or fighting then why???
Think over it. It will help us to make world a better place to live because once we will be able to overcome anger and ego we will be able to make a better place to live for our next generations.

Thank you
See you with a new experience..
till that time....**DASVIDANIYA**

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